This is a very newly created forum oriented to the South Western portion of the USA. Southern california is a main area, thus City of Angels being named after Los Angeles :) The title is open for discussion, since it is so close to 'Den of Angels'
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 Anticipation :3

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PostSubject: Anticipation :3   Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:41 pm

Hello Everyone! ^-^

Since we have such a wonderful forum populated by even more wonderful members; I was wondering if anyof you could give me some suggestions, opinions or advice of what my first doll should be. (Mold wise) Though I do not have the money to spare for one at the moment, knowing exactly what I want will speed up the process of me getting one sooner :3 So let me know anything you have to say whether its from past experience, preference, or maybe one that caught your attention.
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Anticipation :3
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