This is a very newly created forum oriented to the South Western portion of the USA. Southern california is a main area, thus City of Angels being named after Los Angeles :) The title is open for discussion, since it is so close to 'Den of Angels'
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 Rules and a safety reminder.

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PostSubject: Rules and a safety reminder.   Tue May 24, 2011 8:49 pm

There aren't many rules for this forum. : D yay.

There are some basic things to follow though. Stuff you hopefully learned as a small child: Be nice.
Debates are good as long as they dont turn into a heated argument.
You know. Stuff like that.
~Be nice
~Don't argue
~Be tactful to everyone even if you think its not deserved
~immaturity can be fun but not in the wrong situations

As for the safety reminder, there isn't too much to say about it as this is a location oriented forum.
The most obvious: don't give out passwords and identity information as far as credit cards. You hopefully know this if you're a user of the internet! XD

Also, in the future i'll be unlocking the meetups and Group orders forums. Not for a while though. I want this forum to be situated for the most part. But eventually, having access to your Den of Angels feedback thread will be important. Even if it doesn't have any feedback (mine doesn't yet, either!). ^_^
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Rules and a safety reminder.
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