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 Kai - Iplehouse 45cm J.I.D. Tania

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PostSubject: Kai - Iplehouse 45cm J.I.D. Tania   Sat May 28, 2011 2:59 pm

Name: Kairi
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan(bi)
Species?: Human
Company: Iplehouse
Size (in cm): 45cm
Name of line: Junior Iplehouse Doll (JID)
Wig info: Goldenrod color of this Iplehouse wig:
Eye info: In these pictures, random color from Iplehouse. I believe they are these: But currently, she has some grey/white beads in her eyes for blindness. It might change to actual doll eyes, but cloudy green.
Faceup info: Custom request from Iplehouse.
Clothing info: Outfits from Iplehosue, white dress by me.




I'll update this later with more info and pictures. ^_^
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Kai - Iplehouse 45cm J.I.D. Tania
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